The "Schmidt-Lademann House"
Architect: Iwan Iwanoff

Built 1958 in Perth (Australia) Floreat Park, 22 Lifford road by Siegfried and Jutta Schmidt-Lademann
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1959 FK

Siegfried Schmidt-Lademann became consul in Perth for Germany in 1957. He decided to build a residence for the consul in Perth which would be suitable for private living and for formal receptions. The house was then designed by the architect Iwan Iwanoff and built 1958. 1959 though the consulate in Perth was closed and the house had to be sold.

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Blog article made us aware that there still seems to be some interest in this house and lead us to compile some more information about this house on this home page.

Floor plan 1958
(top is north side)

Draft floor plan 2012 (changes to the above plan drafted from available pictures and some input from visitors of the property, pdf)

In May 1959 an article was published in the Melbourne Architecture and Arts magazine (pdf) describing the architectural highlights  and showing the floor plan.

Pictures 1958 - 2010

gallery 1958/59 FK
entrance 1958/59 FK dining room 1958/59 FK

from the gallery 1958/59 FK 1958/59 FK living room 1958/59 FK

south east corner with carport 1958/59 west terrace with barbecue corner 1958/59 north east corner 1958/59

front garden 2017
north side 2012
satellite view 2010
Pictures marked with FK were taken by Fritz Kos

Iwan Iwanoff  (1919-1986)
Ivan Iwanoff

Iwan Iwanoff
Iwan Iwanoff and Jutta Schmidt-Lademann (Collaroy 1959)

Author: Frank-Peter Schmidt-Lademann